Tanning Advice

Personal Service.

When you come and visit Sun Goddess Tanning & Beauty, we will always give you tailored, individual advice on how many minutes using our Sun Beds you should consider based on factors like your skin type. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before using our Sun Beds.

Aside from advice as above, please observe our rules below, which are in place for your safety:

- Do not touch or tamper with the light tubes whilst using the equipment.

- Remove contact lenses if worn and wear the goggles provided.

-Remove make-up.

Do not follow or proceed sun beds with any other form of heat treatment including hot baths, saunas or waxing.

- If you are currently under medical supervision, taking any form of medication, pregnant or suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, high/low blood pressure, hormone irregularities, headaches/migraine, fainting/giddiness, prickly heat, cold sores, moles, allergies or hypertension, then you must seek medical advice to ensure optimum safety when using the sun bed or sunbathing normally.

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